We believe that the aspirations of Islamic banking have not been fully realized yet. Islamic banks have a long way to go to prove that they are able to serve the world with new instruments based on justice and fairness. Meanwhile, M&SMEs are the engines for the global economic growth. Financing a microenterprise or a small business in today’s Islamic banking is challenging. If your aim to develop or to diverse the range of Islamic Sharia compliant solutions for M&SME then you may consider us as your right partner. Our M&SME consultancy and training experts are structured to meet the Islamic Sharia compliant development in various sectors of the Islamic economy.

Our value propositions:
1. Global, qualified and deep updated knowledge and know-how in Islamic banking
2. Unique operational and practical experience in Islamic banking and Finance,
3. Tailored courses replying to specific organizational needs
4. Full understanding of the Islamic finance & banking regulatory framework in GCC and beyond,
5. Full-fledged advisory services with respect to developing, implementing and marketing of Sharia compliant financial products and services.
6. Tight collaboration with the major Sharia scholars in the GCC,
7. Tight collaboration with the major Sharia compliance services.
8. Training and consultancy in three languages (French, English, Arabic).
9. On-line services and membership of alumni club,

Our offer?
SIE is the first social innovation firm providing exclusive training solutions in Islamic Banking and M&SMEs finance. It covers the key principles of Islamic finance and how they are applied in business, to equip the candidate with the understanding of Islamic financial products in banking, Microfinance, SMEs finance, Sukuk, Takaful and managerial issues in Islamic banking. Our courses cover the following areas:
1. An Introduction To Islamic Banking And Finance
2. The basis Of Islamic Banking
3. Branding of Islamic Banking
4. Operational And Technical Challenges of Islamic Microfinance
5. SMEs Islamic Finance
6. Islamic Finance Contracts
7. Islamic Banking Operations: Sources of Funds & Uses of Funds
8. How to excel in Islamic Banking Services
9. Islamic Law Of Contracts
10. Introduction To SUKUK
11. Islamic Takaful
12. Islamic Finance Corporate Governance
13. Converting Conventional Banks Into Sharia Complaint Banks.
14. “Certified Islamic Banker”
15. Managing Risks in Products and Services Contracting

Adopted in-house training
If you would like us to provide in-house training to a group of your staff, SIE can work with you on suitable dates.

Link to download
1- Innovation in Islamic M&SME's banking - AlHuda CIBE
2- Islamic banking for Micro & Small businesses - SlideShare
3- English/Islamic Banking for M SME MIM Mediterranean Economic Foru