Consultancy Services

Consultancy services

Entrepreneurship Ecosystem
Entrepreneurship Ecosystem is defined as a set of interconnected entrepreneurial actors, entrepreneurial organizations (e.g. firms, venture capitalists, business angels, banks), institutions (universities, public sector agencies, financial bodies) and entrepreneurial processes (e.g. the business birth rate, numbers of high growth firms, levels of ‘blockbuster entrepreneurship’, number of serial entrepreneurs, degree of sell-out mentality within firms and levels of entrepreneurial ambition) which formally and informally coalesce to connect, mediate and govern the performance within the local entrepreneurial environment’. From the apparent complexity of entrepreneurship process, our services include the following:-
• Creation of SME’s supporting initiatives and programs
• Scale up of development project
• Creation of Entrepreneurship centers
• Creation of Business start-up workshops, mentoring and coaching programs
• Creating Business incubators, accelerators, clustering and specialized managed workspaces.
• Microenterprise programs for poverty alleviation.
• Business Mentoring Services.
• Headhunting & talent developing services

Business Incubation
A business incubator can be defined as "a facility that provides affordable space, shared office services, and business development assistance in new venture creation, survival, and early stage growth. We offer a range of services in the field of business incubation, ranging from technical and operational support to entrepreneurs and start-ups, to provision of interim management and business set-up. Our unique competence involve linking the long ground experience, high-value business planning, modeling and market analysis approach which has been deployed for major investments, to the specific entrepreneurial opportunities, community development and technological potential. We offer the formulation incubation programs, documents and charters as the foundation of successful business incubator programs.
We also provide incubator management & mentoring services for exiting incubator programs worldwide.

M&SMEs are the engines for economic growth. Running  and growing business in today’s economic climate is challenging. If your aim is to grow your business and you are looking for diverse range of Islamic Sharia compliant solutions you should look for the right partner. Our wide network and extensive product solutions are an advantage when you're planning to explore M&SME’s Banking solutions.
• How to design a good financial product to finance M&SME’s
• Challenges & problems of SME’s banking.
• Development banks business models.