The last few years witnessed a rapid spread of social innovation concepts which is defined as a novel solution to social problems that is more effective, efficient, sustainable, and/or just than current solutions. The value created by social innovation primarily goes to society rather than to private individuals. Social Innovation Expert is an innovative organization with the aim to repeatedly create and build innovation into companies & organizations. We are the pioneer of the social innovation in Middle East. Thanks to its generous and created resourceful think-tank, Social Innovation Expert foster and increase a social entrepreneur’s chances to innovate and optimize its creation and growth.
• Focus on creating ideas, products and solutions handling global social & economic challenges
• Working on design, development, and implementation of new Labs
• Utilizing extensive global network for advancement of product growth and strategy
• Understand risk taking, paradigm shift, and paradigm paralysis of social innovation.
• Meet and exchange views with successful social entrepreneurs in the same sector.
• Create viable business models for social businesses.
• To link business ideas to our financial markets and investments.
• To spread best practices of Islamic banking for M&SME’s.
1- Real ground experience
Based on the deep understanding of the challenges, SIE was able to develop higyly value-added services and products. The first product developed by was the Social Innovation Labs (SILs®) providing groundbreaking approach to tackle complex social challenge and support the journey of change makers. SIL® uses social innovation, ideation lab, business modeling and the associated tool kits and processes as promising tool for generating new solutions to the social challenges in the world, especially Muslim countries. The elaborated SILs® work as a simplified one-stop resource center highlighting to key methods, tools, techniques, emerging insights, to support individual or organization interested in advancing their communities.
2- Focus on underdeveloped and Muslim countries’ challenges
Development investment in Muslim countries is slow and chronicle social, cultural and economic problems are more engraved in their societies. They suffer from enormous pressing challenges like lack of entrepreneurial cultural, low quality of health services, empowering of women, underdevelopment of cultural and arts, preservation cultural heritage, untapped sustainable tourism, lack of S&T education, child labor and unfair trade, etc. More, despite the fact that Muslim countries are constituted mainly of large young population (e.g., the median age of Indonesian population, 255 million is 29) youth are not really involved in the development plans nor invited to contribute actively, in the process of modernize these countries.
Founder’s profile


Dr Atef is a real project-builder and entrepreneur who's been working in innovation, entrepreneurship, SME’s banking and corporate development for over 25 years. Specializing in elaborating and establishing of development projects, start-up organizations, consulting both governments and corporates as well as coaching executives on developing profitable and successful business solutions.
Born within a growing family business created by his father in 1950’s, he got the panache for entrepreneurship at a young age while working assistant to his father. Being only 12 years old, he has developed early a personal character of innovator and problem-solver. He participated in creation and management of several businesses within the family that helped him creating an exceptional ease dealing with people as trainer, manager, coach and advisor. Moreover, he is an advocate for reading and writing on business and people. That is why he was able to support hundreds of start-ups, existing business and corporates through effective consulting and business analysis capabilities in several countries including France, Egypt, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Tunisia, Kazakhstan, Italy, England, etc.

His exceptional career was developed across the world; started in Egypt as instructor at Tabbin Institute for Studies. Then in France as researcher- engineer at INERIS (Institut National de l’Environnementet des risqué industriels), then as assistant manager at Association National pour la Formation Professionnelle des Adultes. Then again in Egypt to work as lecture & creator of Technical Office at Tabbin Institute for Studies, later on he want work as Director in the Egyptian Social Fund for Development to manage the first technology incubator in Egypt and to be part of the team who developed the national incubator masterplan for Egypt. He also participated in the design of the Egyptian National Innovation System. Then he went to Bahrain to work as General Manager in Bahrain Development Bank, managing SME’s finance and non-financial support, the Bahrain Business Incubator Center (BBIC). Then as advisor to the Ministry of Social Development, supporting the creation of microenterprises development national initiative, microfinance program, creativity center, specialized incubators, etc. then shift to work as CEO-founder of Family Bank, of $45m allowed capital, licensed by the central bank of Bahrain, to provide Islamic financial for SME’s. The bank is the winner of Mohammed Bin Rashid Award for “Young Leaders” as the best SME Bank in the Arab Region in 2013. After he moved as senior advisor for M&SME Islamic finance at Al Maali Islamic Finance Consulting & Training Group, UAE-Dubai, and SME’s advisor in the Federation of Gulf Countries chamber of commerce and industry at KSA. Currently he works as advisor to International Academy for Entrepreneurs-Centennial Fund-KSA. He is also mentor to GESR-Social Innovation Center, Cairo-Egypt.

Dr Atef had his Ph.D in Numerical Modelling from l’institut National Polytechnique de Lorraine (INPL), France in 1996. He got his MSC from Ecole des Mines de Nancy, France in 1992, BSc. from Faculty of Engineering Cairo University – Egypt in 1989. He has several higher diplomas & certificates in finance, S&T and innovation support & strategic management from Toulouse- France, incubator & SME’s supporting systems from PNE-UK, International trade & SME’s from SBA-USA and Science & technology parks management from China-Torch program, IFC-World Bank.

- He recieved many awards such as:
  • Winner of Mohammed Bin Rashid Award for “Young Leaders” 2013, to family bank.
  • Winner of Intern. Award of “Community Partnership” by Bahraini Ministry of Interior’s, 2011.
  • Winner of “Young Researchers” by AUGC, France 1995.

  • Dr Atef Published five books on titles: Business Incubators, Poverty Eradication Policies, NGO’s Empowering, SME’s Development, and Empowering Women & Youth, Social Businesses & Social Entrepreneurship (under printing), Renaissance & development of Islamic Societies (under printing).Plus more than 20 articles on Islamic finance & Entrepreneurship. he also co-edited of two scientific handbooks (in French).

    His deep Knowledge in global development issues permitted him to publish more than 25 articles & 4 books in Incubators & Innovation, SME’s Development, Social Development and Social Businesses.
    -Founder of the Princess Sabeeka Award for home-based businesses, Bahrain,
    -Founder of the Innovation Day Award by the SFD –Egypt,
    -Advisor & Jury member of ‘Prince Abdulaziz Inter. Entrepreneurship Award’-KSA,
    -Main expert of ‘Best Business Plan Competition in”, contracted by the European Commission-Egyptian Modernization Program.
    -Member of MENA 100 Business Plan Competition – OECD, 2006-2008
    -Initiator of “Social Business Plan competition” and “Social Business Weeks”, Bahrain.
    -Member of the national committee of curriculum for SME’s in education, Bahrain.

    A true development advocate, Atef shares his expertise and enthusiasm about social entrepreneurship and innovation within business and social projects through frequent training workshops and public speaking engagements, offering insight on subjects including entrepreneurial development, leading and developing great people, establishing profitable businesses and female entrepreneur empowerment.
    Along the way, he has developed fluent language skills in English, Arabic and French in addition to collaborating and consulting with household names including:EC, OECD, IDB, ADB, ISESCO, UNESCO, UNDP, UNFPA, UNIDO, GOIC, WB, ESCWA, GTZ, IFC, TCF, USA- ICNL, SILATECH, BBI, G Social Business Lab,etc
    Atef currently commutes between Bahrain, KSA, Egypt, and Dubai, UAE, and travels the world delivering coaching, training and consulting to global partners and clients.