Professional one-to-one, and TOT sessions

Why VIP Sessions?
You’ve started your business and you a mentor to guide you .
Or you’ve got all the information on how great businesses are created, lead, generate more sales and remain in the spotlight.
Or you might even have set up your own plans and started to implement them. You’re raring to go!

There’s just one tiny problem.
Is it not functioning as expected, do you not know  what to do next. you’ve got the basics yet you don’t get how do you use your full resources to their full potential? You could probably take a course to get you through, however you hate being spoon-fed. You just need the answers to your questions quickly so you can go out there and do it Right? That’s exactly why we have created the one on one Training Session. You just have choose the type of business and we can start right away!

For Top Business and Government Leaders

You’re given a new responsibility, or transfered to a new department or new business line and/or your company suddenly decided to focus on value-added and innovative services & products. You urgently need knowledge and fresh know-how but you have no time for normal training sessions which are either too general or obsolete.

For Companies
Even with a collaborative idea and Management software to collect, select, and manage your idea flow, organizations need more than just a business development department, you need to get real know-how, Your employees will grow and get inspired from creative training and exercises to assist in, out of the box thinking to further develop new and better ideas.

For Individuals
In today’s economy you need to develop the needed creative skill set and know-how to invent your future. Whatever your position is, you can learn how to be an innovative thinker, build a broader collaborative network and contribute to positive change in your life.

Additional information Place
To be decided according to client’s needs.

Language of instruction
All training courses are available in three languages: English, Arabic and French.

The fees depends on the profile of the program and the client as well, the fees are calculated per participants or per session.

All training Courses are provided with a certificate issued by regional an international accreditation organizations like:
• Universities in the UK.
• Global institute of entrepreneurship

List of Courses: Entrepreneurship, Leadership & Innovation

Create value through customer focus
This is a comprehensive combination of courses, individual coaching and business plan development, that are designed to help entrepreneurs develop their business skills and attract financing. (This program is available for start-up ventures and/or Business expansion).
In this program, you will use the Business Model Canvas to identify your customers and determine their needs. You will analyze information and incorporate it into a feasible business plan.

In The Entrepreneurial Training Program, you will:
  • Put your business idea to the test.

  • Build a plan that will attract investment.

  • Explore real-world possibilities.

  • Reduce costly trial and error and raise your chances of success.

  • Get answers to your tough questions from our experienced facilitators and instructors.

  • Use case studies, activities and readings to learn how others like you succeeded.

  • List of courses for entrepreneurship
    Start & Manage Business
    Developing Business Acumen and Ethics / Economics: Markets, Organizations Behavior Concepts & Management Strategies / Grow Your Business / Start a Home-Based Business / Economics: Entering new markets / Legal & Social Environments of Business / Finance & Accounting for Management Decision-Making /Marketing Management/ Operations Management for organizations / Human Resource Management and Performance – Transforming your workforce into a high growth team/ Effective Financial and Administrative Systems / Accessing Finance for Acquisition and Growth/ Finding, winning and growing profitable customers/ Retaining and developing customers.

    Innovation management / business models for organizations / Finding and winning grants & awards/ Exploring Creative Social Media / Advance Social Media and Online Marketing / Developing an IP portfolio and IP Strategy/ LEAN STARTUP.

    Developing the Leaders of Tomorrow / Managing change / Competitive Strategy Fundamentals / Strategic Planning for Growth / Porter’s five forces for.

    List of Courses:
    1- Entrepreneurship, Leadership & Innovation.
    2- Business incubator programs.

    List of Courses: Business and technology incubator:

    The business, technology and handcraft incubators would provide new and emerging enterprises and individuals with an environment that would support their start-up phase and increase their likelihood of success. The proposed incubator includes facility space, flexible leases, shared use of common office equipment, direct business assistance and guidance, mentoring, networking to capital, and other technical resources. SIE is proposing a unique approach based-on 18 years of experience in designing and managing in more than 8 countries in the world. Beside the consultancy services, we do offer six elaborated courses to create and manage incubators successful, according to the following titles:
    1. Program: Foundations of Sustainable Incubation Platforms.
    2. Program: How to create &Operate incubation-platforms for Women Entrepreneurs?
    3. Program: How to create & operate a Technology Incubator?
    4. Program: How to create & operate an Accelerator?
    5. Program: How to successfuly manage a Business Incubator Program?
    6. Program: How to a feasibility study to create a Business Incubator Program?